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Make sure you get this limited edition woobie hoodie before we run out! Once the aliens begin invading you wont have to hide, just make sure you have this pattern in your go-bag and throw it on when you see them!


The long sought after Woobie Hoodie has finally manifested! We took the best product in the world and made it better. The Woobie Hoodie is a combination of the United States military poncho liner transformed into a fashionable and durable outer garment. It is rugged and built to last, paired with the ability to turn heads where ever you go. The outer shell is made out of 100% Nylon Rip-Stop Quilting. Lightweight polyester insulation heating technology. Available in multiple different camouflage patterns and solid colors.


A portion of proceeds go to the Green Beret Foundation and other charitable causes.


Thank you for your continued support!


Disclosure: Woobie Hoodie/Jacket Patent Pending Approved as of August 8th, 2019.

Awaiting Patent Approval.


Disclaimer: Woobie Hoodie garment is not flame retardant. Keep garment away from contact with open flames.

Reptilian Woobie Hoodie Zip

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