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Woobie Official Inc. is a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran/active duty-owned and operated company based in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Woobie Official was founded by Alexander Aun and Michael Battista, two U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers, during their time in the Special Forces Qualification Course (Q-Course) at Fort Liberty, NC (formerly Fort Bragg).

The G.I. (General Issue) Woobie, or 'Poncho Liner,' has been a standout piece of military-issued equipment throughout their Army careers. To this day, it remains an essential item on their packing list for every military deployment, training exercise, or regular outdoor adventure.

Recognizing a gap in the market, Alex and Mike innovated the 'Woobie Hoodie.' It has since evolved from a beloved poncho liner blanket into the beloved Woobie Hoodie that Woobie Official sells today. This essential and innovative clothing item appeals not just to the military community but to anyone seeking warmth and convenience. Its compact, lightweight, and simple design is ideal for travel, easily fitting into small, packed spaces without compromising quality.

Our mission is to introduce the Woobie Hoodie to the world, offering unmatched comfort.

We have crafted various designs and patterns, including civilian-friendly versions in solid, bright colors, and will continue to innovate these hoodies for our community.

Once you embrace the Woobie Life, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Join our family and experience the world's most comfortable garment.

Experience the official WOOBIE HOODIE, brought to you by Woobie Official Inc.

Michael Battista, Woobie Official Owner, sporting the Gen4 Woobie Shell with the sky in background


Alexander Aun, Woobie Official Owner, sporting the Black Woobie Hoodie


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