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I'm a backpacker that spends a lot of time out in the woods and the further I get from society the better; I go out of my way to be in the middle of no where. These hoodies are very lightweight and due to the synthetic material is quick to dry out from body heat and especially from a fire/stove; just keep it away from intense heat. Another plus to the product's characteristic is that it can be very easily compressed into a tiny stuff sack (not included) for very convenient storage. Hence if you're going out into the middle of nowhere? You will 'always' have enough room to bring a Woobie Official Woobie Hoodie with you... Just like the good ole Woobie.

-Robin Philbrick/Former 11B

I purchased a Woobie Hoodie for a friend a couple of weeks ago. The owner of the company helped me with sizing and personally delivered it to my office. My friend absolutely loved the hoodie and the sizing was perfect! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your military friends, you need to get them one of these hoodies! It’s super soft and so warm! They’ll love it!

Angela/Owner 39 Degrees

I am not associated with the military in any way. Originally I wasn't a fan of the camouflage patterns because I didn't want to mis-represent myself as a POSER! I bought one because I seen everyone around Fayetteville with one on. This thing is the 100% absolute best jacket I have ever owned! Now i see why everyone likes them

Travis/Owner of Sell Your Car Today NC

I realize there are several companies copying this trend of the Woobie Hoodie. I had received one as a gift from a store called "WOOBY HOODY" it was so bad I tried returning it even though I received it as a Christmas gift. I found this company thinking it was the same company or at least affiliated. Sent it to them, next thing you know I get an embarrassing phone call from the owner letting me know it was not their product. I ended up buying one from them at a discount as long as they could make a video about the transaction. Buy one of theirs it is a Night & Day Difference

Embarrassed/ Anonymous



Enjoy  life's  journey  with  the  official  woobie  hoodie